?‍♂?‍♂️ ZeniiCrypto is an official application for the BlockchainHub Event ??

Please do these following steps to install the application:

▶️ Step 1: Please connect to the wifi or 3G.

▶️ Step 2: Please go to the website: https://zeniicrypto.com.

▶️ Step 3: In the Website, please click the Install Button.

For Iphone/Ipad, please click the button: “App Store”

For Android/Tablet, please click the button: “Google Play”

▶️ Step 4: In AppStore /Play Store, click install ZeniiCrypto application.

▶️ Step 5: Doing the register in the application. You can find the register instruction at Useful Link Section on website: https://zeniicrypto.com