1️⃣ What is BitCEO?

BitCEO is a word composed of two components: “bit” in bitcoin — representing the blockchain platform and “CEO” — representing the business network. Although bitCEO is not directly related to bitcoin (bitCEO is currently a token on Ethereum ERC20 and will build its own blockchain in the future), it is named that way to put it simply.

bitCEO comes with Zeniius — the 4.0 business social networking platform dedicated to the CEO society (business owners, company owners). On this platform, some high-profile behaviors of CEOs that interact with each other will be recorded directly on Blockchain.
When you look for the project’s information on the website bitceo.io, I am sure you will find a lot of information. In my opinion, too much information sometimes will make it hard for you to imagine about BitCEO. In this article, I will try to use the simplest, most concise words to make you understand what BitCEO is.

2️⃣ On the BitCEO platform, what components should we pay attention to?

  • Zeniius Application — The business social networking application for CEOs working together.
  • ABILITY CARD — The card captures the abilities of the CEOs and other users.
  • ABILITY STORE — Where the users buy ability cards.
  • PROJECT HUB — A module for CEOs to bring their projects to attract resources from the community as well as to find lacked capacities to make the project succeed.

? What role does “BitCEO” play in this project?

Yes, it is a token that will be integrated into Zeniius social network, helping CEOs exchange their needs, capabilities and opportunities. bitCEO also represents components that use Blockchain technology, smart contract (smart agreements), decentralized technologies of the platform.

Meanwhile, Zeniius retains a centralized social network to ensure user experience and performance when using the system resources. Not all activities of CEOs (likes, comments …) should be recorded on the Blockchain. Only activities that need credibility (transactions, business promises, and ability certifications) will be recorded on the Blockchain.

The term BitCEO will make it easy for people to remember and understand the meaning of the project (4.0 Social Networking for CEO society).

3️⃣️️ Detailed analysis of BitCEO project.

As mentioned above, BitCEO is considered to be “4.0 Social Networking for CEO society”. Certainly, because it is called a social networking, there must be a place for people to work, to exchange and share information, to follow each other’s account, and to see “posts” of each other, etc. With this information, people might feel bitCEO is like Facebook application. Yes, where the CEOs will join is the Zeniius app!

? Zeniius application is full of basic features such as posting threads, reading newsfeed (posts of business news & opportunities, business management discussions…), following other people, commenting… just like the popular websites such as Facebook/ Linkedin. The biggest difference of Zeniius compared to other social networks is that it is only for CEOs, and non-CEO users can not join the network.

Next, Zeniius only allows contents that are directly related to the businesses (business needs, capabilities, opportunities, projects, discussions, and business-related events). It is not used to meet basic social needs like Facebook.

?? How to distinguish between an ordinary user and a real CEO to verify accounts?

When you download the app, to register, you have to declare a lot of information, including some information that ordinary users (non-CEO users) cannot get. For example business licenses, emails with domain names of the companies, corporate tax codes, website addresses, companies’ operation fields.

After you complete the registration and click on “register as a member”, the BitCEO team will receive a notification and manually check that information (authentication on the government portals). If the information is OK, they will activate your account, and then you will receive a message notifying that your account “is verified” and you can use it to log in.

? How complex is that?

We have to understand that everything has two sides. For example, if everything is as simple as Facebook which anyone can register and use, will the environment be good enough for work or for a specific purpose of a group or a certain style of people…

As originally defined, BitCEO is the 4.0 Social Network for the CEO society. Therefore, only CEOs are allowed. And if you are a CEO, and you are cherishing your business every single day, every single hour, I believe that you will do all the way to make your business flourish at all costs.

Thus, although the “input” of the App is complex in information declaration, it will bring “qualified” members, the targeted number of users to the CEO community to help the model to develop in the right direction and right long-term purpose.

? And in particular, there are 1,500 CEOs who are willing to fill in to join Zeniius social network despite all the obstacles, including many CEOs with over 1,000-billion or even over-10,000-billion enterprises.

❓❓ Who is using Zeniius App?

According to BitCEO + Zeniius, the platform was built within nearly two years with more than 8,000 working hours of the developing team and is operating with a society of more than 30 CEOs. Zeniius application has attracted about 1,500 enterprises to actually use, which means 1,500 CEOs are using the app.

On the website, you can verify this exactly. Some typical businesses after using the platform have asked to invest in the project and BitCEO has uploaded their information to the site with the images of enterprises’ logos and representatives.

The most prominent CEO among those using the Zeniius App is Mr. Tran Qui Thanh whose nickname is Doctor Thanh — the boss of the brand “Tra xanh 0 do (0 degree Green tea)”. He is also the founder of Tan Hiep Phat Group whose annual turnover is 10,000 billion. The CEO of the 15,000-billion-annual-turnover company — Kim Loi Dai Thanh — Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hien is also an active user.

?? So, why do CEOs need to use the Zeniius application?

That’s a pretty interesting question! So, have you ever wondered why you are using Facebook? Believe me, everyone has a personal answer for themselves, but most will relate to basic social needs such as making friends, socializing, etc.

In terms of Zeniius, in the environment of this application, almost all of the users (CEOs)’s posts relate only to the operations of their businesses. There is very few and almost no such post of startups as “checking in” at a luxury restaurant, “going out” somewhere, or “chilling” by going to CGV cinema, etc.

No, there are no such posts, although CEOs have the right to post whatever they like. In Zeniius, there are only work and work-related issues. Therefore, the app creates a lot of works every day. For example:

Mr. A: I need a sewing factory to make handbags.

Mr. B: We are ABC Limited Company. The company has recently imported 2,000kgs of fresh seafood including crabs, sentinel-crabs, squids, etc. In case of any order, please call 0123456789.

Mr. C: I need to build a Café. If you have experience in this field, please call us.

Mr. D: We are a construction contractor with many years of experience. If you need to build houses or villas, feel free to contact us for consultancy.

Mr. E: We manufacture and make-to-order electronic circuits, ICs, capacitors. Please contact us if you want to place an order.

What will happen? Nothing happens. It is the CEOs that are creating or needing a job. And when one party has the demand and another can meet that need, a project is born!

?? That is the goal of this project, BitCEO. And Zeniius will be the application that will meet all needs, making everything implemented and the data will be recorded on BitCEO’s Blockchain.

If you’re a CEO, please consider whether you should install the Zeniius app to find more business opportunities for your business.

4️⃣ What is ABILITY Card?

For example, your business is now capable of Design consultancy, construction works, supply of construction materials … Then, on the Zeniius platform, the capacities you declare will be written on the card.
ABILITY Card has many types that correspond to different values. Currently, there are 4 types as shown on the website: Gold, Silver, Copper, and Zinc.

?? The ABILITY Card will cost from 1 BCEO Token (US $ 0.015) to 100,000 bCE0 Token (US $ 1,500). Why do different types of cards cost so differently from each other?

Price list of ABILITY Card in token at ICO period

? Gold: 100,000 bCEO tokens ~ $ 1,500 
? Silver: 10,000 bCEO tokens ~ 150 USD 
? Copper: 1,000 bCEO ~ $ 15 USD 
? Zinc: 1 BCEO token ~ 0.015 USD

?Note: The ABILITY Card’s price depends on the bCEO token’s price.

ABILITY Card is not only a “Capacity card” but also the image of the enterprise when doing business with other partners. The higher the value of the card is, the more valuable it is to show the financial value of the business and to gain partners’ trust at the first stage.

If you have a demand on the job and there are two CEOs with the same criteria, both possible to meet your requirements but one has “Zinc” Ability Card with the value of only $0.15 and other possesses “Gold” Ability Card with the value of up to $1,000. So, please answer me, which CEO you will choose to be your partner.

I firmly believe that if you make a survey of 100 people, all 100 people will choose the CEO who owns the “Gold” Ability Card.

On BitCEO’s platform, all businesses — CEOs have the right to choose a particular card, and the value of the card depends on their choices. However, depending on their financial ability, they will choose a suitable card to match their business image in order to create a difference compared to other businesses in the same industry to attract customers.

❓❓ Why does BitCEO platform need to use Blockchain technology?

It is the key issue of this project. Imagine if Blockchain was not available, would this project run and be optimal for the business?

I can say, if there was no Blockchain, this project would still be running well. But whether it is optimal for business or not is another story.

Without Blockchain, when both parties meet each other’s needs and reach the contracting and implementation phases, who will record this? And if any incident or dispute arises, who decides which party is wrong, which party is right, and who handles such cases?

If they use the Zeniius application for the purpose of making a cover to scam others, and then they continue to register as another business to do that scam again, how do we recognize and deal with that situation?

The above-mentioned series of inadequacies will be dealt with by Blockchain. Thanks to Blockchain technology, we can record corporates’ behaviors and verify their entire database on this platform. All will be recorded over time, and there is a team to verify the authentication of what users declare on the Ability card in each period. All will be controlled optimally by “Blockchain”.

?? Therefore, when running on the Blockchain platform, every business or every CEO must seriously carry out what they have committed to the partners. Otherwise, your “promises” will be negatively assessed. After that assessment, you can hardly do business with other partners.

⏺️ Practical examples:

Mr. A: I need to build a house (demand).

Right away, Mr. B (Zinc Card), Mr. C (Copper Card), and Mr. D (Silver Card) appear at the same time and promise to make that happen.

After checking the database, Mr. A picks up Mr. D (Silver card) as his partner.

Each party will buy an ABILITY Card to record the contract of the two parties including the following terms:

Mr. A: Mr. D will be committed to building the house in 6 months with a budget of 1 billion.

Mr. D: Mr. A will pay 1 billion VND in 6 months after handing over the house.

Once the terms are written on the card, they will both click “agree”. Right at that moment, the data of this contract will be written on Blockchain. Simple terms that the computer can automatically execute will be written to the smartcontract. For example, if you do not use the service for 6 months, you can press the button to get back 50% of the money.

After 6 months, if both parties meet each other’s terms, the two can click on the card to verify that the last contract is OK.

With complex terms not yet implemented on smartcontract, in the event of a dispute, both will be brought to court for adjudication. And when they go to court, both parties must deposit an amount of bCEO tokens to settle the dispute. The court on the BitCEO platform is the Helpers and the CEO community.

Helper and the CEO community are the judges, whereby they will ask the two sides to provide evidence when they judge. If a party fails to provide evidence or evidences are not convincing, that party will not win many votes of the community. After a set period of time, receiving fewer votes means they will lose. CEOs can choose a group of Helpers from reputable CEOs in respective fields, or use the SWAT CEO Team with hundreds of volunteer CEOs available in the community or simply use any crowd.

The loser must pay the fee or lose the entire bCEO deposited before the opening of the court session. The bCEO tokens will be paid to the Helpers and the CEO community — those involved in the case.

Helper mechanism is one of the nice features on Blockchain platform as it is implemented and understood by smartcontract. It helps the community to balance transparency in every situation.

Based on the above analysis, that’s also why the BitCEO project needs to run on Blockchain.

5️⃣ What is ABILITY STORE?

The answer is simple and easy to understand. This is the place to buy, exchange ABILITY Cards between people. They all use the bCEO tokens as a medium of exchange as well as transaction.

?? Some Frequently Asked Questions in the BitCEO Project?

1> Besides Zeniius which is for the CEO community, which environment of the project is for ordinary users (non-CEO users)?

At this early stage, Zeniius will be the environment for CEOs to talk about their needs and to work together. They all have to use ABILITY Card to carry out the next sequence of work.

These ‘Capacity cards’ will be released on the ‘ABILITY STORE’ market and this is an open unlimited environment not only for CEOs, but for anyone. Everyone can go there to look for CEOs/ companies which can offer products/ services/ capabilities to serve his or her needs.

In the next phase, BitCEO will open up other applications for the respective industry, ZeniiCrypto is a typical example.

As you can see, ZeniiCrypto is considered a social network for users to join the Crypto world. In this Crypto world, there are hundreds of various needs. For example Someone needs you to write a blockchain code, other needs you to manage the community, other needs you to do marketing, etc.

And you are one of those people who can meet that need. They all use the ABILITY Card to connect with each other.

In the future, BitCEO will create many such applications in all industries on the current market so that all end-users can have an environment to find mutual needs and to meet the needs of the workplace for each other.

BitCEO with Zeniius — CEO platform is just the beginning in BitCEO’s ecosystem.

2> Why does BitCEO develop the Zeniius application, the first platform for CEOs in this ecosystem, and not for another industry?

As you well know, a business often possesses a lot of different capacities in life. From a normal perspective, Zeniius is just the platform for CEOs. In fact, with nearly 1,500 businesses and 1,500 CEOs using Zeniius, Zeniius is now capable of serving the needs related to all industries in the society.

If you doubt this, you can download the app to use and post a status immediately with the request that you need something. I strongly believe that after you post the request, you will receive many calls or messages from various businesses to respond to your need.
Remember, there are already 8,000 test hours on this application’s potentials and functionalities already. Today, they just launched Crypto to do ICO.

3> What is the incremental mechanism of bCEO token in the future?

In the beginning, with just one ABILITY Card you can write up to 100 of your business capacities. For example: We provide good price cosmetics, we have the ability to build houses, we specialize in making wedding parties, we can hold music shows, we can do construction works, etc.

But in the future, a card can only record the capacity of your business only. This means that your company wants more business and more services to buy more cards to show the ability to meet the work.

Secondly, ABILITY Card’s prices vary from $ 0.015 — $ 1,500 depending on the type. With businesses, they will choose for themselves the most valuable card to express the images as well as to create a difference with other businesses in the same industry. Investing in high-value cards is also a way to invest in image marketing. This factor will make many businesses buy a lot of bCEO tokens to own the cards.

4> How many ABILITY cards are there on the BitCEO platform, exactly how many of each type? Can ABILITY cards be “printed” in the future?

No, the amount of ABILITY cards for each category is a certain number. In the future, it is impossible to print out more cards, namely:

Gold ABILITY Card: 1000 pieces
Silver ABILITY Card: 100,000 pieces
Copper ABILITY Card: 10,000,000 pieces
Zinc ABILITY Card: 1,000,000,000 pieces

The number of future enterprises participating in the BitCEO platform may increase several-fold. However, the number of ABILITY Card is limited. Therefore, ABILITY Card will have different values in different time, and its value will increase over time.

5> The Blockchain platform of this project is nothing special?

Yes, BitCEO focuses on addressing the application of society and how to develop the ecosystem of the project, which is to let the users join the application.
Remember, the inherent features of Blockchain are: Transparency, immutability, non-eliminability, etc. Finally, based on these features, they develop a project to solve the society’s problem. It is not that a good project will come with this type or that type of Blockchain. Because technology is finally to help people solve the real needs of life.

A Blockchain will be built based on the purpose of the project. This is an application-oriented project rather than a technology-oriented one. In the application problem, if it can solve the society’s problem, its value will be widely applied, and tokens’ price will jump up several times shortly. Facebook was not technologically savvy at first, and it was not technically comparable to such operating systems as Microsoft Windows, but the value of Facebook is now much higher than that of Microsoft.

6> What is the potential of the project?

Before answering this question, I recommend you (if you are the CEO) to quickly go to Google Play and download the Zeniius application and experience it. As soon as you experience it, you will see how useful it is. By that, you will somehow evaluate the applicability of this application.

As you can see on the website, the founder of this project is JaLong Hoang who has spent many years in building the CEO community in Vietnam. JaLong Hoang is the founder and leader of the CEO K35 community, the CEO 1k community with 2,000 Vietnamese CEOs.

In addition, last June, JaLong Hoang also signed strategic cooperation contract with three other super-CEO community of PDCA, ActionCoach, AdamKhoo Vietnam and became the co-founder of the CEO G.E.N. CEO G.E.N is the largest community of CEOs in Vietnam with over 50,000 members agreeing to work on bitCEO + Zeniius platform.

Overall, it is likely that in the near future, there will be 50,000 CEOs using the BitCEO platform in a day.

And you think what happens when 50,000 of these businesses all have work demands or supplies. The chance of meeting each other’s needs is very high, and then all must use ABILITY Card.

Of course, this project is not just a playground in Vietnam. This model only initiates from Vietnam. If that model succeeds, it is certain that this model can encroach on neighboring countries in a blink of an eye. Furthermore,…

?? End

In my opinion, in terms of addressing specific work needs, BitCEO is an updated version of LinkedIn or Vietnamwork (a job searching site). BitCEO is a completely new version from the idea to the users and it does not just allow the ‘candidates’ (CEOs/ entrepreneurs) who list their capabilities on the app but actually gives specific results from available abilities for others to match and use immediately.

Regarding Vietnamwork, there are only two types of people posting on the site: job seekers and recruiters. BitCEO with Zeniius has various types of users, but there are only two purposes:

– The person who posts his or her job demands.
– The other person who looks for the needs and meets the needs of other people.

BitCEO or Zeniius is not a usual social networking platform. It just serves the needs of the job. Searching and meeting mutual work demands to make money.
What is upgraded and more optimized for users is Blockchain.

With Vietnamwork, you are the employer, you cannot know whether all the things the job seekers declare are accurate, for who will “verify” the authentication of the record. Even if there is one person to do the verification work, it is only “acceptable” for transparency, it cannot be absolute.

With Zeniius on BitCEO, in the future, they use Blockchain to verify everything the companies or CEOs declare about the companies’ seniority and accomplishments. And the people who verify the records are the partners who have previously done the contracts with the said companies. So, the accuracy rate is almost absolute. Blockchain will record all.

? In theory, Zeniius on BitCEO is creating a fair playground for businesses. It will promote more employment opportunities for society and will create value for the CEO platform in general.

By Zeniius, finding a partner to do what you need will not be difficult anymore. You just need to post to look for the partner, and there will be a person to serve your need right away. Most importantly, you will be able to see your partner’s capability profile based on Blockchain, which demonstrates authentically and transparently. By this way, you can choose the most potential partners to give them the opportunity to solve your needs, and it also makes you more secure.

? In terms of reality, through the website, I see quite a lot of factual data, not only the theory, such as: CEO Vietnam community is real; The CEO tour programs are real; It is true that from the Zeniius application, the CEOs connect together to form a project and work together; Tests and AI features on Zeniius are real, etc.

⏺️⏺️⏺️ In a nutshell, BitCEO is no longer a project on an A4 paper- theoretically like the other ICOs. This is also a big difference compared to other ICOs today…!

It can be said that BitCEO is building a very practical idea. I think it is feasible to realize the project. If Zeniius only has 10,000 to 20,000 business users, it is still a great achievement in the current period as it creates thousands of job opportunities in the context of today’s life.

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