Right in the Quoine Office (thanks to the handsome connector Swee!)

My presentation is very long and not perfect as usually, but in the end, here’s the comments we got:

“I think the project idea is so good, now it’s just how you marketing it”

“Before I met you, I don’t even think about investing. But now when I’m talking to you I think it’s something that I would use myself and that’s something I would potentially invest in”

(please wait for the next episodes:D)

Come back to our Atomic Vietnam Base to continue the awesome AI journey with the Captain Sinbad — my beloved professor Tho Quan and his Avengers Team.

Seeing the baby Genie grow up everyday is always a great inspiration!

And we have a new great speaker, who at the same time is the famous youtuber, the investor, the blockchain legal advisors and the influencer to the BlockchainHub.vn