BITCEO announce the “SUPER” Airdrop event followed with a lot of attractive awards include 50.000.000 tokens BCEO and 10 iPhone XS MAX for the Crypto community.

Lately, BITCEO has just announced to the Crypto community worldwide a superbly excited Airdrop event. In this Airdrop event, besides the traditional airdrop awards such BITCEO token which will be established later, there are more attractive prizes which will be included in this Airdrop event like 10 iPhone XS MAX, hundred of Ledger Nano S and more…

Reportedly, the BCEO token of it BitCEO is one of the tokens which many experts in the field of Blockchain assess potential economic value greatly.
In the near future, BITCEO will soon announce an app for Zeniius social platform which runs based on Blockchain technology. (ZENIIUS is a social media platform where business can connect and collaborate)

Through the Airdrop campaign “BCEO — THE MAGIC OF SUCCESS”, in addition to the above attractive rewards, participants can experience the ZenniiCrypto app, this is a social network for people interested in the blockchain field. Here, they can exchange and share issues regarding the Crypto market very quickly and conveniently.

??? The Airdrop “BCEO event — THE MAGIC OF SUCCESS” will be launching this morning (10/11) until the end of 15/11/2019.

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