BitCEO is an ERC-20 token using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. It is the functional transaction token of Zeniius — the ecosystem designed to host global CEOs, who have been carefully KYC-d.

BitCEO and Zeniius’ main target is to help CEOs connect and work together in a flash from anywhere in the world, using our platform. To do this, our project is mobilized in three phases:

  • Phase 1: We build a platform to assemble individual excellences & resources of global business owners and activate a powerful collaborative CEO network, known as Zeniius.
  • Phase 2: We integrate Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain into Zeniius as follow: With Artificial Intelligence, we employ A.I as one of the solutions to flash-match business demands posted on Zeniius with potential solvers. Additionally, AI is used in a scoring system to rate CEOs according to their contributions to the ecosystem. With Blockchain, millions of business transactions which would happen in Zeniius will require optimal transparency. For this reason, we employ Smart Contracts to ensure all transactions are traceable, transparent, and irreversible.
  • Phase 3: To motivate CEOs to help one another, we create incentives in monetary and non-monetary terms. With Monetary, we introduce BitCEO (BCEO) — an ERC20 token — to ensure trusted delivery between CEOs. This is the monetary reward when CEOs help one another. With, non-monetary, we also tokenize CEOs’ abilities, resources and knowledge into a tradable commodity called Ability Card. CEOs may choose to award this to helpers as the non-monetary reward. In a stand-alone Ability Cards marketplace called ZABStore, these abilities, embedded in transferrable cards, can also be traded publicly using BitCEO.

With a carefully designed application and automatic incentives laid out as above, BitCEO + Zeniius will bridge all current gaps between CEOs wishing to do business together, from anywhere in the world. CEOs will be able to post and have their demands resolved, solve business requests published by others to earn rewards, connect with CEOs in any field, expand their partner network, land business contracts, and more. Currently, there are 1000+ carefully screened CEOs from 6 different countries being hosted by the application, connecting and creating values. Many of these CEOs’ companies have revenues of up to 1,000,000 USD annually. The number of CEOs and volume of transactions catalyzed by Zeniius will only increase with each stage of our project. Details are available in our whitepaper, accessible at

Explore our Whitepaper now. User-friendly explanative animations are available at